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Illustration: CompanyAI and skills

The CompanyAI is our specially developed, intelligent software architecture, that offers various platforms and methods as capabilities. Most of the used algorithms and software deal with language and semantics. There are specific skills to choose from, which you can use to customize your individual CompanyAI.

Your individually chosen skillset assists your employees and can also interact with your customers. It will help you to focus your companys’ manpower on more complex processes, since it can take over simple tasks completely or perform preliminary work for advanced jobs.

For example, your CompanyAI is able to take calls, communicate with customers or employees on your website, answer questions or take orders.

Get in touch, you are welcome to visit us in Mannheim. Since we offer solutions for the automation of processes, we recommend a workshop with the experts from SUSI&James. Depending on your needs and the size of the company, a standard skill can already be of great benefit to you.


Make your products available for ordering without the need for expensive order hotlines and systems.


Answer frequently asked questions without expensive and time-consuming first-level support hotline.


Simply make appointments.
Without tying up personnel.


Automatically sort emails or documents by content and forward them to the responsible person or team.

Smart AB

Answering machine with intelligence.
Also available for your customers
outside opening hours.


Instead of spending ages browsing through folders or PDFs, easily find content and search documents by language.

Content Management

and Bot Platform

Data accessibility
through natural language

We invented a platform, which can automatically analyze and model data. We are able to connect to API interfaces, databases and also to process documents, to prepare the content for a Chatbot or Voice Assistant. With our solution, it is possible to make content of any kind accessible for language.

Beside that, using this technology is not restricted to developers, through a simplified user interface – anyone is able to build or train their very own Artificial Intelligence.

Interactive Training
sharpens your AI

Since your CompanyAI is a learning system, it requires your input. For this purpose, we developed a hybrid system that enables on-demand training and according to this, the continous expansion of your Assistant.

Our user interface makes it easy to create, edit and link content.

Choose your channel app, phone, web

Our dynamic software architecture features the connection to apps, phone-lines or websites. You provide content as a data set. We analyze, structure and prepare it.  Depending on your requirements, we provide access to the hybrid training system. This supports a reliable, high-quality and sustainable development process powered by SUSI&James.

Whether you want to give customers 24/7 support with FAQ’s through a voice assistant,- offer your staff members an artificial intelligence, that assists them with recurrent tasks, – or let your mobile or web application speak to the user.

With your cooperation will fulfil
your dreams, more than just a chatbot.

Our solutions offers users the possibility to actively participate in the development.
Employee or customer – any kind of inquiry – can be processed.

‘Sorry, we can’t help you with that right now’ – is history.

Machine Learning

and classification platform

Machine Learning
for semantic analysis.

This is where the magic happens. We use machine learning methods to analyze data sets, and understand the relations between different entities. Using the latest algorithms, the processed information can be used to generate Business Intelligence or take over Recurrent Tasks of your employees.

Also, this platform is simplified and easy to use for non-programmers. With drag and drop functionality and adjustable parameters, you can use our platform to create a descriptive language model completely intuitively and individually.

Commen formats like Excel and .csv are currently supported.

Despite the early stage of development, and due to its good and simplified functionality, we already use the platform for classification and semantic analysis in order to create a structured database.

Our approach combines human expertise with automated processes to achieve the best possible results.

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