Monthly Archives - April 2018

This weeks special

During the last week of April, we will have numerous opportunities to meet you in person. We start on Tuesday, the 24th – on this day Zukunft Personal Süd (ZPS), the HR trade fairs in Stuttgart begins. The event attracts professionals, who day by day deal with humans – their grievances, their holidays, their sick and maternity leaves etc. – and we want to give them a helping hand. Officially we named it Company AI – here you will find [...]


Kick-off: The development of artificial intelligence solutions sets a blistering pace.

We are SUSI&James, a deep-tech start-up from Mannheim dealing with artificial intelligence for business needs. Our customers are well-established companies from a.o. automotive industry, chemistry branch or insurance sector. Everyday our developers cut the new edge of modern technology and we know how hard it is to keep up with the changes. No matter if you are a media representative, market analyst, technology enthusiast or start-up tracker you want to stay up-to-date and that is, what we want to provide you [...]